Best Netflix Crime Movies

Knives Out: Glass Onion, Uncut Gems, The Pale Blue Eyes. These are the most popular Netflix original crime movies. Here are the best Netflix original crime movies. This list is constantly updated as Netflix produces more movies. Only Netflix originals are considered, so will you can find these mystery movies in all Netflix regions.

# Name Year Genre Country IMDb
1 Uncut Gems 2019 Crime USA 74%
Uncut Gems A charismatic New York City jeweler always on the lookout for the next big score makes a series of high-stakes bets that could lead to the windfall of a lifetime. Howard must perform a precarious high-wire act, balancing business, family, and encroaching adversaries on all sides in his relentless pursuit of the ultimate win. Trailer Watch
2 Monica, O My Darling 2022 Crime India 74%
Monica, O My Darling A slick robotics expert joins a murderous plot after a passionate affair takes a sudden turn, but nothing — not even death — is what it seems to be. Trailer Watch
3 Hit Man 2024 Comedy USA 74%
Hit Man A mild-mannered professor moonlighting as a fake contract killer sparks a chain reaction of trouble when he falls for a client. Trailer Watch
4 El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie 2019 Crime USA 73%
El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie In the wake of his dramatic escape from captivity, Jesse Pinkman must come to terms with his past in order to forge some kind of future. Trailer Watch
5 Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga 2023 Crime India 73%
Chor Nikal Ke Bhaga A flight attendant and her boyfriend must steal a cache of diamonds to clear an old debt — but the plan spins into a mayhem when the plane gets hijacked. Trailer Watch
6 Raat Akeli Hai 2020 Crime India 72%
Raat Akeli Hai When a newly married landlord is murdered, a misfit cop’s investigation is complicated by the victim’s secretive family and his own conflicted heart. Trailer Watch
7 The White Tiger 2021 Drama India 71%
The White Tiger Balram Halwai, a man born to poverty in a village in India, and his epic journey to the top of the heap. Trailer Watch
8 The Call 2020 Thriller South Korea 71%
The Call When 28-year-old Seo-yeon gets a call from a woman named Young-sook asking for her friend. Seo-yeon hangs up thinking the woman has the wrong number, but later learns that the call was coming from the same house 20 years ago. Trailer Watch
9 Jogi 2022 Crime India 71%
Jogi Amid tension in 1980s India, three friends of different faiths unite in a noble yet dangerous effort to save hundreds in their town. Trailer Watch
10 Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery 2022 Crime USA 71%
Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery World-famous detective Benoit Blanc heads to Greece to peel back the layers of a mystery surrounding a tech billionaire and his eclectic crew of friends. Trailer Watch
11 Jaane Jaan 2023 Drama India 70%
Jaane Jaan When a single mother her teenage daughter becomes ensnared in a deadly crime, find an unexpected ally in their neighbor, a simple, doting but genius teacher math teacher comes to aid, while a tenacious cop digs into the case. Trailer Watch
12 The Highwaymen 2019 Crime USA 69%
The Highwaymen Legendary lawman Frank Hamer and Manny Gault, two former Rangers by the time Bonnie & Clyde started their robbery reign, are commissioned as special investigators, coaxed by a consortium of banks to assemble a posse and end the robbery spree of the notorious duo reputed to have killed 13 cops and others. Trailer Watch
13 Haseen Dillruba 2021 Crime India 69%
Haseen Dillruba Under investigation as a suspect in her husband's murder, a wife reveals details of their thorny marriage that seem to only further blur the truth. Trailer Watch
14 The Stronghold 2021 Crime France 69%
The Stronghold A police brigade working in the dangerous northern neighborhoods of Marseille, where the level of crime is higher than anywhere else in France. Trailer Watch
15 Night in Paradise 2020 Crime South Korea 68%
Night in Paradise A gangster tries to clean up his life to care for his sick sister and nephew. But someone targeting him accidentally kills them instead. In shock, he decides to take revenge. Trailer Watch
16 Hyacinth 2021 Crime Poland 68%
Hyacinth Warsaw, 1985. In communist Poland, against the backdrop of the underhand ‘Operation Hyacinth’ run by the secret police, a young officer Robert investigates a murder case in the hermetic gay community. When he finds an informant, an unsuspecting, free-spirited student Arek, Robert ventures out on his own to discover the truth. In the process Robert must face his personal demons, his strict father, a secret police official, and, in the end, the communist authorities. Trailer Watch
17 Reptile 2023 Crime USA 68%
Reptile Following the brutal murder of a young real estate agent, a hardened detective attempts to uncover the truth in a case where nothing is as it seems, and by doing so dismantles the illusions in his own life. Trailer Watch
18 The Crimes That Bind 2020 Crime Argentina 67%
The Crimes That Bind When her son is accused of raping and trying to murder his ex-wife, Alicia embarks on a journey that will change her life forever. Trailer Watch
19 The Stranger 2022 Crime Australia 66%
The Stranger Two men who meet on a bus and strike up a conversation that turns into friendship. For Henry Teague, worn down by a lifetime of physical labour and crime, this is a dream come true. Trailer Watch
20 The Pale Blue Eye 2023 Crime USA 66%
The Pale Blue Eye A seasoned detective investigates a series of murders at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point in 1830. He is assisted in his investigation by an intelligent and eager young cadet named Edgar Allan Poe, who will go on to become one of America's most influential authors and the originator of the detective genre. Trailer Watch
21 Triple Frontier 2019 Crime USA 65%
Triple Frontier Struggling to make ends meet, former special ops soldiers reunite for a high-stakes heist: stealing $75 million from a South American drug lord. Trailer Watch
22 10 Days of a Good Man 2023 Crime Turkey 65%
10 Days of a Good Man A lawyer turned private investigator takes on a missing person case, propelling him on an unexpected and life-altering quest. Trailer Watch
23 Pain Hustlers 2023 Drama USA 65%
Pain Hustlers After losing her job, a single mom falls into a lucrative but ultimately dangerous scheme selling prescription drugs. Trailer Watch
24 Street Flow 2019 Crime France 64%
Street Flow Noumouké, from the suburb of Paris, is about to decide which brother's foot steps to follow - the lawyer student Soulaymaan or the gangster Demba. Trailer Watch
25 The Legacy of the Bones 2019 Crime Spain 64%
The Legacy of the Bones Inspector Amaia Salazar must return to the Baztan valley in order to solve a series of suicides that seem to follow a similar pattern. Trailer Watch
26 Luther: The Fallen Sun 2023 Crime United Kingdom 64%
Luther: The Fallen Sun A gruesome serial killer is terrorizing London while brilliant but disgraced detective John Luther sits behind bars. Haunted by his failure to capture the cyber psychopath who now taunts him, Luther decides to break out of prison to finish the job by any means necessary. Trailer Watch
27 Unlocked 2023 Crime South Korea 64%
Unlocked A woman’s life is turned upside-down when a dangerous man gets a hold of her lost cell phone and uses it to track her every move. Trailer Watch
28 The Outsider 2018 Crime USA 63%
The Outsider A former American G.I. joins a yakuza family after his release from prison in post-World War II Osaka. Trailer Watch
29 Gun City 2018 Drama Spain 63%
Gun City Barcelona, ??Spain, 1921. A tough cop from Madrid arrives in the city to locate, under the suspicious scrutiny of corrupt local police officers, a significant amount of military weaponry stolen from a train, allegedly by revolutionary anarchists. Trailer Watch
30 Yara 2021 Drama Italy 63%
Yara The murder of 13-year-old Yara Gambirasio shocks the little town of Brembate di Sopra, Italy. To bring the culprit to justice, Prosecutor Letizia Ruggeri only has one tenuous lead — a bit of DNA that is not much help without a database to compare it to. Based on a true story. Trailer Watch
31 Lost Bullet 2020 Crime France 63%
Lost Bullet A small time delinquent, turned police mechanic for a go fast task force, is forced to defend his innocence when his mentor is killed by dirty cops. Trailer Watch
32 The Guilty 2021 Thriller USA 63%
The Guilty A troubled police detective demoted to 911 operator duty scrambles to save a distressed caller during a harrowing day of revelations — and reckonings. Trailer Watch
33 Colors of Evil: Red 2024 Crime Poland 63%
Colors of Evil: Red When a girl's body is found on a beach in Poland's Tricity, a prosecutor teams up with the victim's mother on an impassioned quest for the truth. Trailer Watch
34 The Ruthless 2019 Crime Italy 62%
The Ruthless Milan, Italy, 1967. Santo Russo, a boy of Calabrian origin, arrives north with his parents and younger brother to find better living conditions. Due to an absurd misunderstanding and his father's contempt, Santo ends up in prison, where he gets a “true education.” In 1978, he and his friends Slim and Mario embark on a 15-year criminal career, a successful and ruthless spiral of robberies, kidnappings, murders and heroin smuggling. Trailer Watch
35 In the Shadow of the Moon 2019 Crime USA 62%
In the Shadow of the Moon In 1988, Philadelphia police officer Thomas Locke Lockhart, hungry to become a detective, begins tracking a serial killer whose crimes defy scientific explanation. When the killer mysteriously resurfaces nine years later, Locke's obsession with finding the truth threatens to destroy his career, his family, and possibly his sanity. Trailer Watch
36 Spenser Confidential 2020 Crime USA 62%
Spenser Confidential Spenser — an ex-cop better known for making trouble than solving it — just got out of prison and is leaving Boston for good. But first he gets roped into helping his old boxing coach and mentor Henry, with a promising amateur. That's Hawk, a brash, no-nonsense MMA fighter convinced he'll be a tougher opponent than Spenser ever was. When two of Spenser's former colleagues turn up murdered, he recruits Hawk and his foul-mouthed ex-girlfriend Cissy, to help him investigate and bring the culprits to justice. Trailer Watch
37 I Came By 2022 Thriller United Kingdom 62%
I Came By A rebellious young graffiti artist who targets the homes of the wealthy elite but discovers a shocking secret that leads him on a journey endangering himself and those closest to him. Trailer Watch
38 Unknown Origins 2020 Crime Spain 61%
Unknown Origins Cops join comic book and cosplay geeks to nab a killer re-creating superhero origin stories. Trailer Watch
39 Rogue City 2020 Crime France 61%
Rogue City Caught in the crosshairs of police corruption and Marseille’s warring gangs, a loyal cop must protect his squad by taking matters into his own hands. Trailer Watch
40 Lou 2022 Crime USA 61%
Lou A gruff loner living a quiet life with her dog battles the elements and her own dark past when a neighbor's little girl is kidnapped during a storm. Trailer Watch
41 10 Days of a Bad Man 2023 Crime Turkey 61%
10 Days of a Bad Man Trailer Watch
42 The Plagues of Breslau 2018 Crime Poland 60%
The Plagues of Breslau Every day at 6 pm a serial killer kills another person. Police officer Helena Rus thinks the killings are done by one man only and decides to reveal the killer's identity by getting back in 18th century history of the city. Trailer Watch
43 How I Fell in Love with a Gangster 2022 Crime Poland 60%
How I Fell in Love with a Gangster A mysterious woman recounts the rise and fall of Nikodem Nikoś Skotarczak, one of the biggest gangsters in Poland's history. Inspired by a true story. Trailer Watch
44 iBoy 2017 Crime United Kingdom 59%
iBoy After an accident, Tom wakes from a coma to discover that fragments of his smart phone have been embedded in his head, and worse, that returning to normal teenage life is impossible because he has developed a strange set of super powers. Trailer Watch
45 Point Blank 2019 Crime France 57%
Point Blank A nurse is forced to spring a wounded murder suspect from the hospital when the man’s brother kidnaps his pregnant wife and wants to make a trade. Trailer Watch
46 Windfall 2022 Drama USA 57%
Windfall A man breaks into a tech billionaire's empty vacation home, but things go sideways when the arrogant mogul and his wife arrive for a last-minute getaway. Trailer Watch
47 Chokehold 2023 Crime Turkey 57%
Chokehold Evading a scandal, a couple from Istanbul starts over in a town on the Aegean coast — but quickly discover the locals are determined to get rid of them. Trailer Watch
48 I Don't Expect Anyone to Believe Me 2023 Crime Mexico 57%
I Don't Expect Anyone to Believe Me Juan Pablo, a student of letters, travels to Spain to study a master's degree when he finds himself involved in a criminal network. Based on the novel by Mexican writer Juan Pablo Villalobos Trailer Watch
49 Intuition 2020 Crime Argentina 56%
Intuition Police officer Pipa works on her first big case while simultaneously investigating her boss, who is suspected of murder. The prequel to Perdida. Trailer Watch
50 Oloture 2020 Crime Nigeria 56%
Oloture In Lagos, Nigeria, young, naive Nigerian journalist Oloturé goes undercover to expose the shady underworld of human trafficking. Unused to this brutal environment, crawling with ruthless traders and pimps, Oloturé finds warmth and friendship with Blessing, Linda and Beauty, the prostitutes she lives with. However, she gets drawn into their lifestyle and finds it difficult to cope. In her quest to uncover the truth, she pays the ultimate price - one that takes her to the verge of no return. Trailer Watch

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